Mission Statement

All missions need a vessel.
"Teeth" are our vessel.
Empowerment is our mission

Hands with Hope is an organization established to spread dental relief to poor communities.  While providing dental care remains our "goal", it is our "mission" to empower individuals to use their gifts and reach out to others in need.  We strive to "Help the people, help themselves".  This approach not only promotes development within the country, but it motivates local professionals to unite in service. We encourage others to volunteer while empowering the spirit of the local community.

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Training the residents

"Help the people, help themselves"

Hands with Hope provides seminars for local teachers and community members in on subjects related to oral health and its systemic relation to the body.

Nueva Suyapa

The poorest established community in Tegucigalpa (the capital of Honduras).

The first of the now 40,000 inhabitants were victims of one of the costliest hurricanes in history. Hurricane Fifi struck Honduras in 1974 and destroyed a great part of the national infrastructure. Unfortunately, Nueva Suyapa has never fully recovered from this disaster. 40 percent of the homes have dirt floors. 60 percent of households are headed by single mothers and the majority of the population (as does 50 percent of our world) live on less than $2.00 a day. A lack of money, education, health care, and local government are some of the many obstacles that keep this community from prospering.


Stewardship of Christian Ministries

In the early 1990s, International Christian Aid of Canada teamed up with SCM (Stewardship of Christian Ministries, a foundation in Honduras ) and develeoped a partnership that brought hope to Nueva Suyapa..

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Mission Lazarus

Co-Founders of Mission Lazarus, Jarrod and Allison Brown heard of Hands with Hope's dental clinic in Tegucigalpa and invited us to come and evaluate their site in the hopes we may have the resources to help them build an onsite dental clinic.

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Upon learning of Hands with Hope's efforts, Chicago based Hu-Friedy the World's Leading Manufacturer of Dental Instruments, awarded Hands with Hope with a significant donation of instruments and their new state of the art ultrasonic scaling unit.

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